WAG 13-01-06.

revised textAllow payments for the care of a child or disabled adult when the care is needed to allow a unit member to:

  • accept or continue employment, or
  • comply with employment and training requirements, or
  • attend training or pursue education to prepare for employment.

To be allowed as a deduction, the service must be provided by someone outside of the SNAP Unit and the unit must make a cash payment for the service. Accept the customer's statement of the amount paid for dependent care. Allow the expense even if another adult lives in the home. Do not allow the amount of a dependent care payment that is reimbursed or paid by vendor payment. If educational income, which is exempt from consideration as income, includes an allowance for dependent care expenses, do not allow the dependent care deduction.

revised textThe amount of the dependent care deduction is determined by the actual payments for care. Subtract actual dependent care costs. The result is referred to as adjusted net income.

new textNote: The deduction is not allowed when the SNAP unit member is only looking for work, unless they are participating in an approved SNAP E & T activity.