PM 08-04-04-h.

Child support Pass Through payments are identified on:

  • Mercury payrolls, and
  • recipient ledger files showing TA 99 and child support payment reason code 609.
  1. (System) Keeps track of the amount of current child support Pass Through payments paid each calendar month.
  2. (System) Prior to the central budgeting, determines if the case on which the child support Pass Through payment was made is still an active TANF cash case. If the case is no longer active for TANF cash, the system will not centrally budget the payment.
  3. (System) Once a month, the day after Schedule 09 cut-off, centrally budgets the amount of current child support Pass Through payments received during the previous calendar month as code 662. The amount will only exceed $50 if the client has more than one TANF case. revised textNo Form 552 will be produced.

    Example: The amount of current Pass Through received in the calendar month of November will be budgeted for the fiscal month of January. 

  4. (System) If code 662 has already been entered by the Family Community Resource Center, the system will not override the Family Community Resource Center entry. The Family Community Resource Center entry is considered correct.
  5. (System) The amount received is budgeted for the food stamp case in which the RIN of the person receiving the Pass Through payment is active for food stamps on the day after Schedule 09 cut-off.
  6. (System) Deletes code 662 at the close of each schedule from active and suspended cases.

Example: A child support Pass Through payment of $50 was sent to Ms. H in November. Ms. H receives TANF cash in Group 05. The Pass Through payment is centrally budgeted for January, the day after Schedule 09 cut-off which is 12/10. When Group 05 processing ends for January on 12/31, the system will centrally delete code 662. If a Pass Through is sent in December, the same action will happen the following month.

Family Community Resource Center Action for Budgeting Pass Through

  1. Budget Pass Through payments for food stamps issued by Mercury, including resumptions, and for cases not active at Schedule 09 when central budgeting occurred. Review the Recipient Ledger (PF6) to determine if a current child support Pass Through payment was made.
  2. Do not budget Pass Through for a case that is no longer active for TANF cash benefits, because Pass Through will not continue to be paid.

    Example: TANF case swapped to 94 case effective January. Child support Pass Through was received 11/29. The child support Pass Through is not budgeted for food stamps for January because the TANF case is canceled and a Pass Through payment will not be received for January. The worker budgets child support payments for January instead of child support Pass Through. 

  3. When entering Actuals in ACM, ACM will update Actuals to reflect the same code 662 information that is on ACID. If code 662 is present in Actuals with an amount, the worker must enter a valid date. If the Family Community Resource Center has more current information than what the system used to do the best estimate of the amount of child support Pass Through that would be received, the worker changes the amount budgeted and documents the reason in the case record.
  4. If code 662 has been centrally removed from the case, code 662 will not show up in ACM when the worker enters Actuals.