WAG 07-04-17-a

Verification of an exempt vehicle is not required.

The entire value of any licensed vehicle is exempt if the vehicle meets one of the following:

  • One licensed vehicle per SNAP unit, regardless of its use.
  • Is inaccessible because the net proceeds, if sold, would be $1,500 or less.
  • Is used primarily for producing income such as, but not limited to, a taxi, truck, or fishing boat (the vehicle remains exempt during temporary periods of unemployment). "Used primarily" means used over 50% of the time the vehicle is used.
  • Annually produces income consistent with its fair market value, even if only used on a seasonal basis.
  • Is needed for long distance travel essential to employment, such as a sales person or migrant farmworker. This does not include daily commuting. The vehicle remains exempt during temporary periods of unemployment.
  • Is used as the SNAP unit's home.
  • Is needed to transport a physically disabled unit member, regardless of the reason for the transportation. Allow only one vehicle per disabled person. The vehicle does not have to be used primarily for the disabled person's transportation or be specially equipped.
  • Is needed to carry fuel for heating or water for home use when the transported fuel or water is the main source of fuel or water.

The above exemptions apply to vehicles needed for either eligible or ineligible unit members. See PM 04-05-07 for ineligible SNAP unit members.

revised textNOTE: The assets of a categorically eligible SNAP unit are exempt (PM 05-07-00).