WAG 07-02-20

Policy regarding transfers of Revised textresources and income applies only to nursing home (NH) residents, supportive living facility (SLF) residents, and medical customers applying for or receiving services through the Department on Aging (DoA) Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver. This includes residents who were living in the community at the time of the transfer. It also includes current medical customers applying for or receiving DoA HCBS waiver services who were not applying for or receiving DoA HCBS waiver services at the time of the transfer. Do not apply resource/income transfer policy to other persons living in the community.

Revised textRefer long term care cases with reported transfers totaling over $5,000 during the lookback period to Long Term Care - Asset Discovery Investigation (LTC-ADI). FCRCs will review reported transfers totaling $5,000 or less.

A transfer of Revised textresources or income occurs when a person or his/her spouse (regardless of who has an interest in the Revised textresources or income) buys, sells, or gives away real or personal property, or changes the way property is held. This includes:

  • transferring ownership of a Revised textresource while retaining a life estate;
  • liquidating a life estate; 
  • taking an action that causes a Revised textresource not to be received (for example, waiving the right to receive an inheritance);
  • New texttransfer of income in the month it is received; and
  • any action by any person that reduces or eliminates the customer's ownership or control of a Revised textresource held in joint tenancy, tenancy in common, or other similar legal arrangement.

Some transfers affect eligibility and some do not. Whether eligibility is affected depends on:

  • when the transfer took place;
  • the type of transfer; and
  • the reason for the transfer.

Transfers that do not affect eligibility are called allowable transfers. See PM 07-02-20-b for allowable transfers.