PM 03-15-02.

For the requirement to accept a job that is suitable employment, see PM 03-15-05 for a definition of suitable employment.

Add textExemption Due to Physically or Mentally Unable to Work

A person who is temporarily or chronically ill is exempt from the FS work requirement.

Temporary Illness

The FCRC exempts a person due to a temporary illness if there is medical evidence provided by the client or other evidence that the illness or injury is serious enough to temporarily exempt the client. Evidence for temporarily exempting a client includes, but is not limited to:

  • observing a cast on a broken leg; or
  • receipt of Workers' Compensation; or
  • knowledge of a scheduled surgery or recuperation from surgery.

NOTE: Minor ailments and injuries such as colds, broken fingers, or rashes are not normally serious enough to exempt a person.

Chronic Illness

The FCRC exempts a person who is mentally or physically unable to work due to a chronic illness if a physician or licensed or certified psychologist finds that a physical or mental impairment, either by itself or in conjunction with age or other factors, prevents the client from working or participating in FSE&T. The receipt of disability benefits can also verify the exemption.

Verify the client's claim of chronic illness as follows:

  • Receipt of disability benefits from SSI, SSA, Railroad Retirement, or AABD.
  • Receipt of government, or private temporary or permanent, disability benefits.
  • Statements from a physician, or licensed or certified psychologist, verifying the client's chronic illness.
  1. Enter code 2 in Item 73 on Form 552 or the correct AIS Screen.
  2. Document the proof used to support the exemption in the case record.
  3. Establish an exemption review date based on the information obtained and the client's condition.
  4. When a person exempted due to a temporary illness becomes physically and mentally fit, change the client's Item 73 status code to 9, unless another exemption reason applies.