WAG 06-16-02-b

Child care is allowed for work and training activities when the activity is part of the TANF client's approved RSP. CCR&R staff provide child care for a client receiving TANF who is taking part in an approved activity. RPYs are not eligible to receive child care to participate in education or training programs, except as a non-TANF family. Refer TANF applicants to the Front Door contractor.

Family Community Resource Center staff are responsible for providing payment for child care that is required for no more than 30 days as:

  • an employment expense to help a client get or keep a job, and/or
  • a onetime or temporary need for a work and training activity (e.g., a client needs to attend an interview).

To secure or maintain a child care arrangement, staff may approve child care payments for an eligible person who is waiting to enter an approved work and training program or employment:

  • for a period not to exceed 2 weeks; or
  • for a period not to exceed one month when child care arrangements would otherwise be lost and a later activity is scheduled to begin or resume within that period.