PM 06-11-01-d.

For applicants, notify them of the decision on the application by sending a Notice of Decision on Application for Medical Assistance MANG-Non Spend-Down (Form 458) or Notice of Decision on Application (MANG) for a MediPlan Card (Form 458SP) (with Form 458S5/S6, if needed).

In a separate letter included with the Form 458 or Form 458SP (with Form 458S5/S6 attached, if needed), notify the client of the following:

  • That special treatment of the parent's countable income and assets is being requested.
  • The date the request was sent to Bureau of Financial Support Policy.
  • If the request is approved, that it might reduce the spenddown amount, but that in the meantime the case is being enrolled for spenddown.

For active cases, notify the client of the request for special treatment of income and assets, by sending a letter that includes the above information.

Request Approved

If the request is approved and the spenddown amount changes, notify the client of the change using Notice of Changes During the Medical Assistance Enrollment Period or Eligibility Period (Form 2434A) (with Form 458S5/S6 attached, if needed).

If a child approved for the Waiver Program requires services not covered under the Medicaid Program, the Bureau of Financial Support Policy advises the Family Community Resource Center of the agency or organization that the client should be referred to.