WAG 06-08-04

Changes occurring to cases active in All Kids/FamilyCare Share, Premium, or Rebate are the responsibility of the All Kids unit if the case is maintained by the All Kids unit.

If a change is reported to the DHS Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) for a case maintained by the HFS All Kids Unit, contact the HFS All Kids Unit to notify them of the change. If a change is reported to the HFS All Kids Unit for a case maintained by the DHS FCRC, contact the DHS FCRC to notify them of the change.

All Kids

revised text Once a child is determined eligible, the child can only lose All Kids Share, Premium (Level 1-2), or Rebate during the 12-month eligibility period if:

  • the family leaves the State of Illinois;
  • the child moves out of the caretaker's home;
  • the child becomes an inmate of a public institution;
  • the family of a child receiving All Kids/FamilyCare Premium fails to pay the premium;
  • through HFS, DHS, or client error, the child was approved even though not eligible for All Kids Share, All Kids Premium, or All Kids Rebate;
  • the child becomes eligible for Assist and the family requests that their case be changed; or the family requests cancellation.

NOTE: Once a child is determined eligible, admission to an Institution for Mentally Diseased (IMD) does not affect eligibility until renewal (see PM 06-08-06-e).

new text Children determined eligible for All Kids Share, Premium Levels 1-2, or Rebate are financially eligible during the 12-month eligibility period.  Children can remain in their current All Kids case regardless of changes in family income until renewal. For that reason, clients are not required to report income changes for cases that contain only children.


Adults determined eligible for FamilyCare Share, Premium, or Rebate must report changes in income within 10 days. They must also report when the amount of child support they pay decreases because this increases their countable income. An increase in family income may cause an adult to lose FamilyCare eligibility during the 12-month enrollment period.

See WAG 06-08-02-b for special procedures regarding income changes for a FamilyCare Expansion case that was approved prior to June 30, 2009.