WAG 06-08-02-a

revised textNonfinancial eligibility factors for All Kids Share and Premium are the same as for Assist, except for the additional requirements listed below.

  • A person cannot be eligible for Moms & Babies or Assist, including met spenddown.
  • A person cannot be a patient in an institution for mental disease, even if the person is in a Medicaid-covered setting.
  • revised textFor All Kids Premium Level 2, a child cannot have health insurance in the 3 months prior to the first date of Premium Level 2 coverage unless they meet one of the following criteria:
    • new textThe child is a newborn under age 1 who does not have private or employer-sponsored insurance coverage;
    • revised textThe child lost medical benefits under All Kids Assist, Share or Premium Level 1 in the 12 months prior to the month of application for All Kids;
    • new textThe premium paid by the family for coverage of the child under the group health plan exceeded 5% of household income;
    • new textThe child's parent is determined eligible for advance payment of a premium tax credit for enrollment in a Qualified Health Plan through the Marketplace because the employer sponsored insurance in which the family was enrolled is determined unaffordable;
    • new textThe cost of family coverage that includes the child exceeds 9.5% of the household income;
    • new textThe child lost coverage because the employer that had sponsored the coverage stopped offering coverage  of dependents;
    • revised textA change in the parent's employment, including involuntary separation, resulted in the child's loss of employer-sponsored insurance (other than through full payment of the premium by the parent under COBRA);
    • new textThe child has special health care needs; or
    • deleted text
    • revised textThe child lost insurance due to the parent's death or because the noncustodial parent canceled the insurance as part of a divorce.
  • Note: Health insurance is coverage that includes both hospital and physician services. Most HMO health insurance policies meet this definition. Disease specific policies (such as cancer insurance), medical service specific policies (such as dental, vision, or hospital only policies) and accident policies (such as school-based insurance for grades K-12) are not considered health insurance for this requirement.

In addition:  deleted textA person is not eligible for All Kids/FamilyCare Share or Premium if the person previously received Rebate and has an outstanding overpayment (see PM 06-08-12).