WAG 06-08-02

revised textTo receive All Kids/FamilyCare Share, Premium or Rebate, a person must meet all eligibility requirements for Medicaid except for income. There are also additional eligibility requirements to receive Share, Premium or Rebate.

revised textA person in met spenddown status is considered eligible for Medicaid and is therefore, ineligible for All Kids/FamilyCare Share, Premium or Rebate. A person in unmet spenddown status is not considered eligible for Medicaid and is therefore, potentially eligible for Share, Premium or Rebate.

revised textAt application and at REDE, a person who is eligible for All Kids/FamilyCare Assist cannot choose to receive All Kids/FamilyCare Share, Premium or Rebate. However, if after approval for All Kids/FamilyCare Share, Premium or Rebate, income decreases during the 12-month eligibility period, they can choose to remain in Share, Premium or Rebate until reapplication or REDE.