PM 06-08-00

All Kids/FamilyCare Share, All Kids/FamilyCare Premium and All Kids/FamilyCare Rebate cases are always Category 94.

  • revised textFor All Kids/FamilyCare Share, All Kids/FamilyCare Premium Level 1 and All Kids Premium Level 2, the first position of the basic number is W.
  • For FamilyCare Premium Levels 2 & 3 cases (based on a disposition made on or before June 30, 2009), benefits are received under an Assist basic number and Item 25 of Form 552 is coded 'T'.
  • All children in a family unit must be on the same Share or Premium case.
  • For All Kids/FamilyCare Rebate, the first position of the basic number is U.

If a family is also applying for food stamp benefits, set up a category 08 case.