PM 06-01-08

For RRP Cash only, use the Verification of Contribution From Voluntary Sponsoring Agency or Sponsor (Form 2422) to verify the total amount of cash, if any, given to the client by an agency or sponsor. Budget the entire amount using Item 90 code 644, Contribution from Voluntary Sponsoring Agency-Refugee Only. Do not budget it for RRP Medical.

NOTE: Do not budget the onetime per capita grant that the U.S. Department of State makes to resettlement agencies for the reception and initial placement of newly arriving refugees.

When determining eligibility and benefit amount for RRP Cash (Category 00), budget as for TANF Cash. See PM 10-02-00 for TANF earned income budgeting. Enroll the case in EI REDE status; see PM 19-07-02/WAG 19-07-02.

For RRP Medical (Category 90) cases, determine initial eligibility based on countable income on the date of application, projected over the first 30 days. Do not consider any public or private cash assistance payments. Do not include any increase in income that may occur during application processing. If the client becomes employed after the date of application, the employment earnings do not count for any of the months of Category 90 medical eligibility. The earnings do count for RRP Cash (Category 00) and SNAP. For RRP Medical cases that have earnings at application, budget as for Parent/KidCare Assist, allowing the $30 and 1/3 earned income exemption, when appropriate.

Determining Eligibility

When determining RRP Cash eligibility, use the TANF Standards (see PM 10-01-03-a).

When determining RRP Medical eligibility, use the regular Medical standards (see PM 15-06-01). For a one person case, the Medical Standard is $283.

Determining Benefit Amount

revised textFor a family RRP case or a single person adult RRP case, use the TANF Payment Level for adult(s) and child(ren) for the size of the family (see WAG 25-03-05).

If an RRP Cash case becomes ineligible due to income, determine eligibility for RRP Medical. If eligible, SWAP the case to Category 90.