PM 06-01-00

This section provides procedures for determining initial and ongoing eligibility for the Refugee Resettlement Program (RRP). RRP benefits are issued under Categories 00 (cash and medical) or 90 (medical only).

revised textA person who qualifies for AABD (Cash or Regular Medical), TANF Cash, Family Assist, FamilyCare Assist, All Kids Assist, or Moms and Babies without a spenddown is ineligible for RRP. If they would be eligible for RRP except for receipt of other benefits, identify them on Form 552 as follows:

Item 1 - Enter the letter A (except Cuban-Haitian Entrants) in the first position of the basic number. For Cuban-Haitian Entrants, enter a Y.
Item 12 - Enter the Nation of Origin.
Item 17 - Enter the code for the refugee's Voluntary Sponsoring Agency. 
Item 80 - Enter code 328 DU and the person's date of entry into the U.S. For an asylee, show the date asylum was granted. For a trafficking victim, show the date they were first identified by ORR. revised textFor Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrants, show the date of entry in special immigrant status or the date the status was granted if within the U.S. Show the earliest date for any person in the case.
Item 90 - Enter code 644, Contribution from Voluntary Sponsoring Agency (if received).

NOTE: revised textIn Cook County refer all applicants who are refugees or special immigrants to the Special Units Office. The Special Units Office processes all applications filed by refugees/special immigrants and keeps the eligible cases.