WAG 04-01-07-a

The pregnant woman (and her spouse in the home) are eligible if she (they):

  • would qualify for TANF if the child was already born, and
  • has (have) no other eligible children, and
  • is (are) not eligible for or already receiving TANF benefits as a child(ren), and
  • does (do) not have enough income to meet her (their) needs based on the TANF Adult-Only Payment Level (2-person Payment Level for woman and spouse).

When a woman is eligible based solely on her pregnancy, her husband must be included in the case when he lives with her. When the child is born, add the child to the case (see PM 18-02-01).

NOTE: Determine eligibility for All Kids Moms and Babies when a pregnant woman is ineligible for TANF and Family Assist. See PM 06-09-00 for All Kids Moms and Babies policy. The legal spouse is not eligible for All Kids Moms and Babies.

Example: Ineligible for a Pregnant Woman Case

Ms. M applies for TANF for herself and 2 children ages 11 and 15. Ms. M's 16 year old unmarried daughter who is 7 months pregnant applies for TANF as a pregnant woman. Since the 16 year old is eligible as a child in her mother's TANF case, she is not eligible for her own TANF adult-only case. The girl must be included as a child in her mother's cash case.

Example: Eligible for a Pregnant Woman Case

revised textMrs. V, who is 2 months pregnant and living with her spouse, applies for an adult-only pregnant woman cash case. Mr. V must be included in the case with her. Mr. and Mrs. V have no income.They are eligible for a 2-person, adult-only cash case.