PM 03-09-03.

Upon receipt of CAU's determination of "disabled," review SDX information to determine the applicant's SSI status.

text revisedIf the client's SSI application is pending or if the client has an SSI appeal pending at the reconsideration or ALJ level (Appeal Code = R or H and Appeal Decision Code = blank), review all other eligibility factors. If eligible, approve P3.

If SDX shows there is no SSI application or appeal pending (Appeal Code = R or H and Appeal Decision Code = UF, 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, WD, T1, AD, OT, or WC), review for Category 93 eligibility. If eligible, resubmit the medical information and Form 183C with the disability determination to CAU with a new Client Assessment Unit (CAU) Memorandum (Form 183F). Indicate on Form 183F that the client no longer has an SSI application and request a determination of Category 93 eligibility. Ask CAU to provide a reexam date, if appropriate. Upon receipt of the reexam date, approve Category 93 assistance.