PM 03-06-01-e.

Months in which a family has a child in the home approved for a Home & Community-based Care waiver do not count against the 60-month limit for anyone in the case with a counter under 61. This policy is retroactive to July 1997.

Item 80 code 331 HCBC is centrally entered to identify each case (cash or medical) that contains a waiver child. The code contains the month and year the waiver was approved. (Most waiver children are on 93 or 94 cases.) Code 331 is also centrally entered on a TANF case when the family has a waiver child in the home. The code stops the counter for everyone on the case whose counter is under 61. When a person's counter is 61 or more, the counter advances but the person qualifies for an exception to the time limit.

The Bureau of Policy Development (BPD) keeps the list of waiver cases. BPD sends a letter to each TANF family affected by this policy. When the child is no longer waiver eligible, BPD sends the client a letter and YOUR TANF TIME LIMIT (Form 4335) if any counter is under 61. Item 80 code 331 is centrally deleted. If there is a counter over 60, an exception review must be completed. If the waiver was the basis for an exception to the time limit and there is no other exception reason, a 3-month extension is centrally authorized.

BPD sends the Family Community Resource Center a copy of each letter with a covering memorandum. The FCRC receives a turnaround Form 552 when Item 80 code 331 is centrally entered or deleted.

Review each TANF case with code 331. If a counter was under 61 in the month entered with the code, determine how many months of TANF have been counted since that month. Reduce the TANF counter by subtracting those months. Do not subtract months that were not counted for another reason or if the waiver began after the 60-month limit was reached. Complete and send Form 4335 to the client if you reduce their counter.

Review the Responsibility and Services Plan and revise if necessary to include a waiver child's special needs. It is important to record all determinations and actions in the case record.

If you have a case on which you think code 331 should appear but doesn't or appears and should not, call BPD at (217) 782-1239 or e-mail "Policy, Financial Support."