WAG 02-09-02.

An RSP is required for a teen parent even if the teen is applying for or receiving TANF as a child on a child-only case. See PM 02-09-01.

For all other child-only and non-TANF cases, discuss with the applicant activities, services, programs, or resources which may be of value to them and their families. Refer the applicant to any resources in the community which may be of help to them.

Make sure the applicant is aware of other benefits (i.e., Cash/Medical/SNAP benefits) for which they may qualify, and offer them the chance to change their request. If they say they don't want benefits for which they appear to be eligible, ask them why and write their answer in the case record. This is especially important with pregnant women, who may not be aware that they qualify for additional benefits.

Inform applicants, especially pregnant women, of child support services when appropriate, particularly establishing paternity at birth as a benefit to the woman and her newborn.

NOTE: If a TANF or GA-FCA RPY requires child care due to employment, complete a referral form. Give the RPY a copy of the referral for them to provide to the CCR&R.