WAG 02-09-01-a

RSP requirements for a 2-parent case depend on the nature of the case. If there is no teen parent, complete one RSP which sets goals and steps for both parents. At least one parent must sign the RSP. A signature by both parents is not required. Base the RSP on the family information and set goals and steps that best lead that family to maximum independence. deleted text

Both parents are not required to be present to complete the assessment interview or to meet to discuss or revise the RSP. Only require the 2nd parent to come in for an interview if you determine that input from the 2nd parent is needed to complete the assessment or to set goals.

If one of the parents is a teen, complete an RSP for the teen parent (see PM 02-09-01) and a separate RSP for the other parent. Require each parent to sign their own RSP.