PM 02-09-00

revised textAn initial Responsibility and Services Plan (RSP) is completed at intake before the case may be approved.

new textActual participation in work activities is deferred until the 30th day after application. Activities which prepare the applicant for employment may be included in the initial RSP, i.e. obtaining child care or licenses, or arranging for transportation. The RSP may include a work activity which specifies a start date after the 30-day deferral period.

For applications containing a teen parent, include a referral to Teen Parent Services (TPS). This includes situations in which the teen parent is a child on a child-only case. If the teen parent does not revised textkeep the appointment with TPS in the 30 days after the date of application, do not deny the application. Intensify efforts to engage them once the 30-day engagement deferral period has passed.

Completion of the RSP in VCM

The RSP is a component of VCM (Virtual Case Manager). From any point during completion of the Family Assessment through VCM, service needs for the client and the client's family can be identified and documented. Once the client's service needs are discovered, these needs are used as the basis of designing the RSP (see WAG 02-03-00).

The service needs are collected on the Selection of Service Need window. Once the FA is completed, whether it was done free form or through the Wizard, you have listed on the Selection of Service Needs window all the service needs identified for this client and their family. The next step is to set goals and activities in the RSP that will move the client toward meeting those needs.

The RSP can be developed on-line through the selection of goals, activities, and steps provided through a list of options. One critical feature of the RSP is the automatic coding of Form 552 for the activities in which the client is participating. The RSP also includes a component for issuing supportive services.

Access the RSP through the Selection of Service Need window. On the first window, identify the person from the unit for whom the RSP is being designed. The Responsibility and Services Plan window then appears. Choose from a menu of Goals (e.g., Employment, Education/Training, etc.). For each goal selected, choose activities that lead to the completion of that goal. For each activity, enter the start date and other pertinent information. Select steps for the completion of each activity.

Once an RSP exists for a client, the plan is retained on the system. You can revise the plan at any time. Windows can be printed at any time.

Manual Completion of RSP

The manual RSP is divided into 4 separate forms:

  • TANF Agreement (Form 4003);
  • Employment, Education, and Training (Form 4003A);
  • Family Issues (Form 4003B); and
  • Treatment (Form 4003C).

Form 4003 must be completed for all TANF applicants, except for child-only cases that do not contain a teen parent. By signing the form, the applicant agrees to follow through with the plan.

The other 3 forms deal with specific goals. Complete the forms that apply to the family's goals. Each form contains:

  • A menu of activities the worker and applicant select to support the applicant's efforts to achieve maximum independence.
  • An area to document the start date for each activity and the finish date that is entered when the activity is completed.
  • A notes section.