PM 02-08-02-a.

(Intake) Conduct a telephone interview or a home visit when an office interview is waived (see PM 02-08-02-a).

Before the interview, have the applicant complete Attachment to All SNAP Applications Regarding Citizenship/Alien Status (Form 2781)revise text for AIS face-to-face intake applications and the Illinois DHS Web Benefits Online Application. 

NOTE: The information on Form 2781 is included on Form 2378b, Request for Cash Assistance-Medical Assistance-Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Form 683, Application for SNAP benefits. When SNAP benefits are requested on Form 2378B or Form 683, completion of a separate Form 2781 is not required. Get as much proof as possible during the interview.

If the applicant waives the right to an expedited interview or fails to keep the scheduled expedited interview, process the application using regular processing timeframes.

Write the reason for using regular processing timeframes in the case record.