WAG 02-07-03-c

For all programs, verify United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) status for all noncitizens.

new text For persons who state they are U.S. citizens, documentation of citizenship and identity is required for all medical programs except for persons requesting or receiving Repatriate Assistance (category 00/90) or adults age 19 and older requesting or receiving General Assistance.

For all cash programs and SNAP, verify citizenship of a person born outside of the U.S. Do not verify USCIS status of a noncitizen who is not applying for SNAP benefits because they are unable or unwilling to provide information about USCIS status.

Do not deny SNAP benefits to a noncitizen who is a SNAP applicant if they claim to have satisfactory USCIS status and the Family Community Resource Center is waiting for proof of USCIS status through SAVE. Include the noncitizen in the SNAP unit. If the SAVE inquiry indicates the noncitizen is not eligible, remove the noncitizen from the SNAP unit. In this instance, benefits issued prior to removal from the SNAP unit are not an overpayment.