WAG 02-06-01-c

If a person asks to change the interview day or time, they have not failed the appointment. Schedule another interview as soon as possible.

Schedule another appointment for someone who fails to come to the interview, if they ask for a new appointment.

If someone does not come for the interview and does not call for a new time and date, deny the cash application. If the applicant also applied for SNAP benefits, register a SNAP only application and mail a Notice of Missed Interview. If the SNAP applicant has not rescheduled the interview, deny the application on the 30th calendar day following the date of application. Do not deny the application before the 30th calendar day.

The system centrally sends the Notice of Missed Interview and centrally denies the SNAP application if the application is processed in the Automated Intake System and the caseload number alpha numeric system is used to indicate a date of application as described in WAG 27-05.