WAG 02-05-01

Most people who request benefits come to the Family Community Resource Center to apply. Enter their responses to questions in the Automated Intake System (AIS).

Based on information entered in the AIS, the computer system automatically looks for any other information it has about each applicant. These clearances print out for review by the eligibility worker.

Use clearance information to assign previously issued case numbers. Review clearances for information that might affect eligibility (see WAG 02-07-01).

At screening, read the ANQR (Name File) and the ACID (Client Information) clearances to determine if the Family Community Resource Center had a case record with the same case name and basic number in the past 24 months.

AIS can print forms to obtain verification related to employment, health insurance, school attendance, and "living with". Screeners enter information in AIS to print forms to help the applicant verify information.

NOTE: During screening, determine if a SNAP applicant meets the criteria for expedited service. If they do, schedule an expedited eligibility interview for that day or the next workday. See PM 02-08-00 for expedited service.

Give the applicant a written notice that lists the interview date, time, and the information they must bring to the interview. Schedule the eligibility interview for no more than 14 days from the application date. See WAG 02-05-04 for scheduling procedures.

When all information has been entered in the AIS, answer any questions the applicant has and give them pamphlets. This completes the "screening" step of the application process for applicants who come to the Family Community Resource Center to apply.