WAG 02-04-04

revised textTo be considered an application, the applicant or the person applying for them must sign the application form or use an electronic signature for the DHS web application. An electronic signature is used for a DHS web application submitted and received electronically over the internet for SNAP benefits.

A web application submitted and received electronically over the internet does not require a signature to begin the application process for cash and medical. 

The information provided must be to their best knowledge and ability. Do not accept an application that does not meet these requirements.

An application must be accepted even if it has only a name, address, and signature. A DHS web application must have a name and address to be accepted.  A person cannot be required to do an activity or attend a meeting or orientation before they can file an application.

NOTE: If a faxed application has a name, address, and a signature, but the information is illegible, do not register the application. Fax the application back to fax number on the cover sheet (if there is no cover sheet, use the fax number at the top of the application) with a comment that the information was illegible.

Accept a faxed application from:

  • an applicant;
  • a third party applying on behalf of an applicant;
  • a hospital;
  • a long term care facility;
  • a supported living facility;
  • an ORS Counselor for an applicant/recipient of Vocational Rehabilitation or Blind Services;
  • an SSA office sending a joint processing SNAP application;
  • an All Kids Application Agent; or
  • an MPE provider.

If application is made using a faxed application, do not require the client to submit the original application form.

new textHFS All Kids and FamilyCare Online Applications are sent to the HFS All Kids Unit only. The HFS online application system will not submit a partially completed application electronically. System edits ensure that all appropriate fields are completed and prevent incomplete applications from going to AIS.