WAG 02-04-01

rGive an application form to anyone who asks for one. If someone calls and wants benefits, urge them to come to the office that day. Tell them that the sooner DHS or the Central All Kids Unit receives a completed and signed application, the sooner they'll find out if they qualify for and start to receive benefits. Tell the applicant that they may complete and submit a web application electronically over the internet to the office. If they want an application but do not want to come to the office or complete a web application, mail them one on the day they call.  If someone writes and asks for an application, send them one the same day the office receives the letter.

Give required pamphlets to all applicants (see WAG 02-04-01). Make pamphlets available to anyone who wants information about programs or wants to know how to request benefits.

Applications and pamphlets in Spanish must be available for Spanish Language Units (SLUs) in specified counties (see WAG 22-11-01).