WAG 01-07-02

A person can file a written appeal by facsimile (fax), mail, or in person. A fax of the client's request for an appeal is the same as an original written request. A written appeal must be signed by the client or a person approved by the client. Advise clients to send a written appeal to either the Family Community Resource Center serving that client or the DHS Bureau of Assistance Hearings (BAH). Child care appeals may also be filed with the CCR&R or the Bureau of Child Care and Development.

Appeals received by a Family Community Resource Center other Department offices, or a CCR&R should be date-stamped and revised textemailed or faxed to BAH within 48 hours. Attach the postmarked envelope if the request was mailed to the office or the transmittal sheet if it was faxed. For appeals signed by a representative, attach a copy of their authorization. For TANF sanction appeals, write SANCTION at the top for expedited processing. File copies of all documents in the case record.

A person may file an appeal by phone by calling the Bureau of Assistance Hearings' toll-free number (1-800-435-0774). For SNAP appeals only, a person may also file an appeal by telling DHS staff, by phone or in person, that they want to appeal.