PM 01-06-06

New Manual MaterialIES Phase 2 Process

Send a Notice of Missed Interview when an applicant missed their scheduled eligibility interview.  The Notice of Missed Interview is centrally sent when a SNAP applicant missed their interview and the application is processed through IES.  A Notice of Missed Interview is not required for SNAP REDEs.  See PM 17-04-03-b / WAG 17-04-03-b.

Changed Manual MaterialLegacy System Process (ACM and IPACS)

Send Notice of Missed Interview (Form 267L) when an applicant misses their scheduled eligibility interview. Do not send the Notice of Missed Interview for SNAP REDE applications processed in Service Coordination. Form 267L is centrally sent for SNAP applications processed in IES.  See PM 17-04-03-b/WAG 17-04-03-b.

new textThe Notice of Missed Interview (Form 267L) is not sent if the applicant received expedited benefits and misses a postponed interview.