PM 01-06-05.

  1. Complete Referral of Overpayment (Form 2404) and Notice of Overpayment (Form 2404X) when a decision has been made to report that a unit received an overpayment.
    1. Enter Form 2404 and Form 2404X in ACM, or forward to BOC.

      NOTE: Form 2404X is centrally sent for overpayments reported through ACM

  2. If Change of Overpayment Information (Form 2404C) is used to update a previously reported overpayment, manually prepare and send the client Form 2404X.

    NOTE: Form 2404C cannot be processed through ACM; it must be sent to BOC.

  3. Send Form 2404C and copy of Form 2404X to BOC, 10 days after client is manually sent Form 2404X.