1/24/14 Meeting Minutes

Participants: Amy Starin, Lisa Betz, Ray Connor, Kimberly Jenkins, Yolanda Linares, Penny West, and Katie Henshaw. Note: Katie Henshaw attended in place of Colette Lueck.

  1. The committee continued to discuss concerns about lack of data coming back to DMH/ICG from both the Collaborative and HFS billing. Establishing a feedback loop of this sort will be a major recommendation of this committee. Lack of these data put DMH at a significant handicap in terms of managing the program. There are multiple areas of data that are missing.
  2. Reviewed the draft data matrix one by one. Established what data and reports DMH currently receives, and ones that they either don't have access to or which have not been developed yet.
  3. Another significant gap for program management is that the ICG staff do not receive information from the system regarding which services that may have been approved, are in fact, not being provided. The concern is especially that there are community services that should be being provided to a child/family, but are not. This is an example of the lack of feedback loop.
  4. Also recommending that DMH/ICG re-establish stakeholder satisfaction survey's on an annual basis. These should include both providers and ICG families. It appears that there has been some distancing in the past few years in the communication between the providers/ families and the ICG program.
  5. Plan to revise the data grid and re-circulate it prior to the next data group meeting.
  6. Next meeting is presently scheduled for February 14, 2014 from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM.