ICG Data Analysis & Outcome Measurement Minutes - 12/19/13

Participants : Colette Lueck, Amy Starin, Lisa Betz, Ray Connor, Kimberly Jenkins, Yolanda Linares, Dr. Renee Mehlinger, Shawn Peterson, John Reinert, Dr. Mary Smith, and Wanda Jones (Note: Wanda Jones attended in place of Patricia Perez.).

  • Reviewed the data needs at each system level -Child & Family, Service Provider and State levels. The purpose of data at each level is to inform decision-making; which differs with clinical, program and policy decisions all depending on different data. The audience for these data includes families, community and RTC providers, DMH ICG staff, legislators and the public at large.
  • The most significant current concern is that DMH does not have a feedback loop that effectively informs decisions. The ICG families and ICG providers do not have a methodical way to provide information to DMH ICG on the functioning of the program. Further, DMH does not receive data from the Collaborative or HFS that can better inform program decisions. For example, DMH does not have information on what services get approved for a child in the community, whether or not the services are provided, and whether or not children are improving in their overall functioning.
  • The concern is that this lack of a methodical data feedback system will lead to continued problems and inability to evaluate any programmatic changes that get made in the ICG Rule and program in the future.
  • A further concern is that when data is available, it is either not organized in a manner that makes it useful, or it is markedly out of date, and not relevant to the current environment. The committee underscored the importance of data being available in 'real time'.
  • Will plan to pare down the current data recommendations to ensure that each data point is relevant, and note which audience(s) it is geared for.