ICG Outreach and Training Matrix Notes - 01/09/14 




  1. Family Resource Developers-FRD Calls
  2. ICG Parent Group
  3. Parent Empowerment Calls
  4. Statewide Family Organization
  1. Examine and incorporate data an info from CTAC report.
Solicit family input on development and dissemination on information:
  1. How to access assistance in developing application.
  2. How to assess eligibility.
  3. Better informing about Community ICG option.
  4. Clarification of any rule or policy change.
  1. Revision of handbook.
  2. Create an algorithm of ICG point of entry and application process.
  3. Flowchart-no wrong door
  4. Develop parent brochure
  5. Update Website
  6. Project Educare
  7. Develop Training package for conferences
  8. ICG status update presentations
  9. Families need upfront clarification on whether benefits-social security/adoption subsidy etc. will go to residential facility.
System Stakeholders
  1. DCFS
  2. DJJ
  3. ISBE
  4. CRSA
  5. DDD
  6. DORS
  7. IDPH
  8. HFS
  9. All SOC sites
  10. Schools
  11. Probation Officers
  12. Private Providers
  13. ACEs/MCOs/CCEs
  14. FQHCs
  15. Insurance Companies
  16. Il. Dept. of Insurance
  1. Clarification of changes.
  2. How to access assistance
  3. Assessing eligibility

Same as above-

Basic Fact Sheets/Brochures


Conference presentations.

Project Educare Webinars:

Recommendations of different webinars for different audiences.

(Hold 4 spots for this FY.)

  1. Basic information about ICG
  2. Changes of ICG-before and after
  3. How to Tool-Box with exemplary applications- timelines/parent letters
Legislators All legislators Legislative Offices may need Basic info and contact number for constituent calls. Basic fact sheet.
Human Services Appropriations Committee 1.) Representative Harris Ask Rep. Harris how and when to present information.

Basic Program Fact Sheet

Presentation of Data depicting financial savings, clinical outcomes

Governor's Office Dr. Jones Present data outcomes/fiscal savings

Ongoing Data Committee


Community Mental Health Agencies/SASS Agencies


ICG Application Assisters

List of all currently funded community mental health agencies are listed on IDHS Website

When it is determined what entity is assigned to be application assisters,

(currently SASS agency)

Basic program changes.

Outreach and Informing strategies.

Designated assisters need ongoing, consistent training about how to assist families to put together application.

Training through DMH sponsored regional workshops, the Webinar and revision of the SASS handbook for providers.

Training for the Assisters to better work with families. Toolbox of An exemplary application, guidance on timeline/family story etc.

Children Mental Health Advocates
  1. Equip4Equality
  2. Health and Disability Advocates
  3. NAMI
  1. ICMHP
  3. ICOY
  4. Mental Health America IL.
Presentations, brochures, fact sheets, EduCare, etc.

Recommendations from 1-9-14 Meeting:

  1. Ask Rules Committee to consider:
    -Either before or after the appeal process, involvement of CRSA to determine whether there are valid disputes over State agency obligations or whether blended funding might be a possibility.
    -Determine whether SASS or another designated entity should be involved in reviewing applications before submission.  (e.g., Gatekeeper of submissions)
    -Determine which entity is best suited to assist parents with applications and state that on letter sent with application.
    - Determine whether benefits such as social security/adoption assistance etc. must be forfeited to residential facility so that information can be stated to families upfront.
    -For families with insurance, how can benefits under parity be assured.
  2. Develop a list of training communication tools/strategies which already exist/those which need to be developed.
  3. Hold at least four spots on Project Educare for training to be developed.
  4. Inspect prior parent surveys to look for other training needs.
  5. Possibly develop another survey for the NAMI-Piecing It Together Conference in March.