Outreach and Training Notes,  Conference Call - 11/21/2013

9:30-11:00 A.M.

  • Co-Chairs: Terry Carmichael, Dee Ann Ryan and Debbi Smith
  • Co-Chairs discussed the proposed agenda for the call with workgroup members.

Discussed short timeframe of Feb 28th

  1. Discussed breaking out into subgroups
    • Training
    • Families/providers
    • Increasing awareness
  2. Dee Ann asked if there were too many sub-groups, Charlotte Kaufman said subgroups are OK and wanted to know why these initiatives were occurring. Terry and Dr. Mehlinger explained this to her. Terry agreed to send her a copy of the "ICG Brief".
  3. Dee Ann asked "What has changed?" she was concerned about the strategy for a website when we are void of content at this time.
  4. Given the urgency of the need to transform and reorganize the ICG program, Amy Starin asked what is DMH doing to insure the current ICG process is functioning differently so youth can gain access to the service.
  5. Now we should develop strategy without content, because we are just making suggestions/recommendations.
  6. Dr Mehlinger said we need to look at what we want, and what needs to go right versus looking at what went wrong.
    • Educate families on MH info and the ICG p program
    • Social marketing ideas about who the ICG serves
    • Handbook issues
  7. Terry asked if our objective is reframing the ICG why we only have one parent in our group, so he suggested we gain access to parent groups and request their input as we proceed.
  8. Issues about how Providers view the ICG were discussed. The ICG was described as a "tarnished" program that does not currently respond to "need". The goal could be to pull together ICG parents and ICG providers input as we look at input into changes.
  9. Gloria Martin, the ICG should become flexible and workable in the continuum of care with better response early on.
  10. Charlotte: asked if there is a new revised structure, and wanted clarification as we are shaping a new program.
  11. Dr. Mehlinger stated that we may want to work on how we engage parents as we need more parent input.
  12. Charlotte suggested that we could utilize Parent Empowerment Calls
  13. Susan: maybe this group will recommend dissemination of info via Parent Empowerment Calls and Family Resource Developers via SASS
  14. Lisa reiterated that this group has a mission of making recommendations, and that one recommendation could be to make sure parent groups are consulted on the development of a marketing strategy all the way to the revision of the handbooks
  15. Lisa said this group is to focus on Outreach, training and marketing suggestions to DMH, not develop the content to do these tasks.
  16. Amy Starin said that there is a natural partnership component with outreach and data.
  17. Lisa said we are only focusing on SED kids and not all kids, and that our recommendations should be with that in mind.
  18. Dee Ann, clarified that we are charged with devising as strategy for getting ICG changes and information out to relevant stakeholders.
  19. Discussed target stakeholders, such as:
    • Schools
    • Probation offices
    • Health clinics
    • Other non-mental health providers
  20. Where does ICG fit in on our continuum of services and point of entry…someone suggested an "algorithm" for a visual chart for point of entry.
  21. Dee Ann discussed when a child should or should not apply for an ICG due to EPSDT covering Medicaid eligible children.
  22. Kim Jenkins added that all children who meet the criteria are eligible to apply.
  23. Terry: suggested we consider how the ICG rule fits in with the Accountable Care Entity's audience.
  24. General discussion ensued regarding how to :
    • Define our audience
    • Define a population that may need handbooks
    • Discussed the current application guidelines draft for Providers and Parents to include in the handbook
    • Survey parent groups on parents who have kids with ICG's
  25. Suggestions arose such as:
    • Using Parent empowerment calls to communicate ICG news with parents,
    • Survey SASS programs and parents who have been denied ICG's and survey parents who received the ICG in the past to inquire about "what happened to their child"
    • Consider "post program" evaluations
    • Survey NAMI parents
  26. Kim Jenkins will send out current Parent Handbook and draft of the ICG application Assistance guidelines.
  27. The committee was asked to send their comments/recommendations and thoughts to one of the co-chairs.
  28. DMH reiterated that this group does not develop content. The purpose of the workgroup is make recommendation to DMH regarding outreach and training for the ICG program.
  29. There was interest in how work groups are relating to each other, Dr Mehlinger and Kim Jenkins will sit in on workgroups for consistency.
  30. Terry will send out ICG documents and the ICG Brief sent out by DMH.

The workgroup agreed to meet again on December 19, 2013 from 9:30 - 11:00 A.M.