The Division of Developmental Disabilities offers Computer-Based Learning (CBLs) training opportunities on a variety of topics through the DHS NetLearning system. Providers and others are encouraged to take advantage of the DHS CBL modules as a way to earn Continuing Education (CE) credit. 

Computer-Based Learning Training Information

Computer-Based Learning Name Computer-Based Learning Description Continuing Education Credit (CEs)
How to Conduct Criminal Background Checks and Clearances
  • Step-by-step instructions for conducting required initial fingerprint criminal background check
  • Required registry clearances
  • Laws mandating background checks and clearances to meet requirements
1.5 hours

Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals

Nursing Home Administrators

1089 Infection Transmission Associated with Point of Care Testing
  • Cross contamination with testing in Long Term Care Facilities
  • Infection risks in self-monitoring versus assisted monitoring of blood glucose
  • How infections can be transmitted
  • Implement safe practices for:
    • proper hand hygiene
    • effective and consistent meter disinfection
    • appropriate storage of meters and test strips
    • restriction of multi-use finger stick devices and other single use strategies

1.0 hour

Registered Nurses

Licensed Practical Nurses

2013 Core Compliance Series Health Professional Series - 25 modules for staff providing DD services and supports

0.50 hour each CBL

Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals

Professional licenses

How to Enroll or Unenroll

How to Find CBL Continuing Education Credit Hours (CEs)

When enrolling using the DHS myNetLearning Login ID, CE credit hours are listed for DHS CBL courses in the "Credits" column. 

DHS NetLearning Transcript CBL Credit Hours (CEs)

Upon successful completion of a DHS Computer-Based Learning (CBL) module, the CE credit will be added to your DHS NetLearning transcript.  Transcripts are available and may be printed from the myNetLearning.

How to Document Continuing Education Credits (CEs)

Contact Information for Assistance

If you have any questions about the DHS CBLs or enrolling process, please contact:

Gloria Heggy at (217) 557-7516

Sandra Bancroft at (217) 558-1511.