Budgeting Error in the CSA

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Tutorial for Budgeting Personnel in the CSA

Are you getting an error in Personnel Costs when you try to enter your budget in the CSA?

The following video tutorial will help you see how to fix your personnel cost vs. total budget error.

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Transcription of Video:

I am creating this video tutorial to talk about the common budget error that many providers are receiving.

Once they click on the "submit for approval" and confirm the approval of the budget, they get an error, input error, that says "program personnel's totals paid must equal lines one and line two of the schedule program costs."

This is confusing a lot of the providers out there. So I am here to run it down to make it clearer.

So basically what happens is if you click on the cost schedule or table, you will see that you have lines one and two here.

Now, lines one and two on the program side, so each column have to equal to that of the personnel.

So for simplicity of this tutorial, I have created $5,000 allotments for program one. Program two has $5,000.

Program three has 4,000 plus 1,000 that's 5,000, and program four the same way.

If I click on "personnel," lines 33 is what it compares to Total all positions.

So if I scroll over, I can see program one only has $4,000. So that's where my error is.

We will go ahead and check the other programs.

Program two has 5,000. Program three has 5,000. And program four has 5,000. So those are correct.

Program one is only allotted 4,000, and that's why we are receiving the error when we submit the budget.

So when I go back in here and add a thousand dollars to this line and scroll down, save and recalculate. We can double check and now program one is equal to $5,000 which is the same as what the cost table represents for lines one and two for that program, $5,000.  So now when I go back to budget main page and submit the budget for approval, and confirm it, the budget is now submitted for approval. The button, you can tell, is now "unsubmit," and that we are good to go.