Illinois' Interconnected Systems Model for School Mental Health

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.

Illinois' Interconnected Systems Model for School Mental Health

Tier 3: Intensive Interventions

Individual Student and Family Supports

  • System Planning Team coordinates decision rules, referrals for this level of services and progress monitors.
  • Individual team developed to support each student.
  • Individual plans may have an array of interventions and services.
  • System in place for each team to monitor student progress
  • Plans can range from one to multiple domains.


Tier 2: Early Intervention

Coordinated Systems for Early Detection, Identification, and Response to Mental Health Concerns

  • System Planning Team identified to coordinator referral, process, decision rules and progress monitor impact of interventions.
  • Array of interventions/services available
  • Communication system for staff, families, and the community.
  • Early identification of students who may be at risk for mental health concerns due to specific risk factors.
  • Skill-building at the individual and group level as well as support groups
  • Staff and family training to support skill development across settings


Tier I: Universal/Prevention

Coordinated Systems, Data, Practices for Promoting Healthy Social and Emotional Development for ALL Students

  • School Improvement team gives priority to Prevention and Promotion of Mental Wellness.
  • Behavioral Health Skills development for students, staff, families and communities
  • Safe & Caring learning Environments that reduce barriers to teaching and learning, and engages or re-engages students in the academic process.
  • Partnerships between school, home, and the community
  • Decision making framework used to guide and implement best practices that consider unique strengths and challenges of each school community.