Eligibility Criteria for the Individual Care Grant Program (ICG)

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The Individual Care Grant Program (ICG) is governed by 59 Illinois administrative code 135. Rule 135 sets forth the criteria below, which must be met in order for a grant to be awarded. The ICG funds the cost of intensive community-based care or residential treatment.

  • Parent / guardian must be a resident of Illinois (135.30(a))
  • The child must have a severe mental illness.
  • A severe mental illness is defined as a mental or emotional disorder, which substantially impairs thought, perception of reality, emotional process, judgment, behavior or ability to cope with the ordinary demands of several life domains. Symptoms must include severely impaired reality testing and may include hallucinations, delusions, avoidance or withdrawal from human contact, marked affective instability, apathy, bizarre behavior, deficient or unusual forms of communication, agitation and/or danger to self or others. The course of the illness should indicate that the symptoms do not represent acute episodes from which rapid and substantial remission is likely. (135.30 (b)).
  • Must be enrolled in an approved educational program.
  • The child is not past the age of 17 years and six months before submission of the completed application (135.20(f)).