Printable Directory:  Child & Adolescent Staff Directory (pdf) 


Main Number: (312) 793-1361
Fax Number: (312) 793-1633
  • Renee Mehlinger, M.D.
    Deputy Clinical Director
  • Lisa Betz, LCSW, LCPC
    Associate Deputy Clinical Director
  • Delores McKinney
    Administrative Assistant
  • Yolanda Linares
    Information Systems Analyst

Family Consumer Specialist

  • Carlendia Newton, Region 1
  • Susan Ling, Region 2
  • Penny West, Region 3
  • Darlene McGary, Region 4
  • Judy Hutchinson, Region 5

Hospital/Quality Support & Evidenced Base Practice

  • Debra Rudder, R.N.
  • Gloria Molina, R.N

Individual Care Grant (ICG)

  • Kimberly Jenkins, MSW
    Individual Care Grant Consultant
  • Christina Kuczora, LCSW
    Community Services Coordinator
  • Alan Dietrich, MSW
    ICG Transition Service Coordinator

Mental Health & Schools Collaboration (MHSC)

  • Kathryn Dittemore, LCSW
    MHSC Coordinator

Screening, Assessment, and Support Services (SASS)

  • Roberta Allen, LCSW
    SASS Coordinator

Mental Health &Schools Collaboration (MHSC)

  • Kathryn Dittemore, LSCW, MHSC Coordinator

Screening, Assessment, and Support Services SASS

  • Roberta Allen, LCSW, SASS Coordinator

System of Care

  • Access Initiative

    • Tracy Parsons, Project Director
      Phone Number:(217) 372-6579
  • Illinois United for Youth
    • Latrice Johnson, IUY Assistant
      Phone Number:  (312) 793-1358
  • Project Connect
    • Stacia McGuire, MSW, Project Director
      Phone Number:(618) 273-3326