Contract Budgeting

Budgeting for FY13 - Summary / Long Budgets

All grant agreements, except for fee for service and fixed rate grant agreements, must submit a budget within thirty days of the executed contract (Due Date Extension to 08/31/2012). The summary budget is in the same format as last year; however, it is now a web-based format for your convenience (The FY13 Budgeting web portal is located in the CSA Tracking System.  This is the same web portal which is used for accessing your Community Services Agreements). The long budget form is also available if you would like to use that to capture all of your budget detail, but it is not a requirement.

The web portal, CSA Tracking System is available at:, as well as step by step instructions for your use. The Department of Human Services will be electronically providing feedback to you (either approval or any relevant questions) on your budget submission within 60 days.

If you are unable to access the FY13 Budgeting web portal please call: (217) 785-9260

Indirect Cost Rate Proposals for FY13

If you have a grant agreements that total more than $250,000 the Department of Human Services will need an indirect cost rate proposal unless you completed the detailed "long budget" form or you submitted the one-page budget summary WITH a copy of your Federally-approved indirect cost rate. In addition, there are situations in which the providers would not have indirect costs such as when the indirect costs are not allowed or providers only provide one services, therefore all costs are direct. The Indirect Proposal is due within 30 days of the due date for financial statements.

Financial Statements are due within 120 days of the fiscal year end, therefore the indirect cost rate proposal is due within 150 days of the fiscal year end.

Single Audit Reports are due within 180 days of the fiscal year end, therefore the indirect cost rate proposal is due within 210 days of the fiscal year end.

Note: Indirect Cost Rate Proposals are NOT required for Fee for Service and Fixed Rate Grants for FY13.


Please note all FY13 Indirect Cost Rate Proposals should be emailed to: