FY13 CSA Attachments and Program Manuals

FY13 Sample Community Services Agreement (pdf) - provides the language of the contractual agreement between the Department and the provider.

Link below to the Community Services Agreement (CSA) Attachment or Program Manual according to the information on your contract. 

CSA Attachments CSA Program Manuals
Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (Attachment C) Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
Developmental Disabilities Developmental Disabilities (Attachment A) Developmental Disabilities
Mental Health Mental Health (Attachment B) Mental Health
Rehabilitation Services Rehabilitation Services (Attachment D) Rehabilitation Services
Family & Community Services
Early Intervention Early Intervention (Attachment O) Early Intervention
Family & Community Services Family & Community Services (Attachment E) Family & Community Services
Employment & Training Resource Development Employment and Training Resource Development Services (Attachment G)

TANF Employment and Training

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training

Homeless Services Homeless Services and Supportive Housing (Attachment H) Homeless Services and Supportive Housing
Child Care Child Care and Development (Attachment I) Site Administered Child Care
Title XX Title XX Social Services (DFI) (Attachment J) Title XX Social Services (DFI)
Refugee & Immigrant Services Refugee and Immigrant Services (Attachment K) Refugee and Immigrant Services
Program Support & Fiscal Services Program Support and Fiscal Management (Attachment M) Front Door and HCD Special Contracts