We are providing information about the January 2013 increase in Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) staff are responsible for budgeting the increase for Cash and SNAP clients specifically excluded from central budgeting.

The 1.7% increase will be received starting with the SSA and SSI checks received in January 2013. Clients receiving both SSA and SSI will receive a total increase of 1.7% for both benefits. In some cases, the amount of SSI may decrease due to the amount of the SSA increase. The $30 SSI benefit for clients in long term care facilities will remain the same.

See Attachment I  for new SSI amounts for clients living in the community.

See Attachment II  for a summary of when to budget the SSI/SSA COLA increase for community cases.

A separate memorandum regarding central budgeting of the SSA increases for Medical only cases is being provided by HFS.

  1. Central Action
  2. Timing of Central Budgeting Action for Cash and SNAP
  3. Local Office Action
  4. Forms referenced:

Central Action

The 2013 SSI benefit amount will be centrally budgeted for the appropriate fiscal month (see Section "Timing of Central Budgeting Action") for the following categories with clients included in the central budgeting process:

  • AABD Cash cases (Categories 01, 02, 03);
  • GA cases in the City of Chicago (Categories 07 and P3);
  • All SNAP cases;
  • TANF cases (Categories 04, 06, P4, and P6); and
  • RRA Cash cases (Category 00).

For the 2013 Social Security benefit increase to be correctly budgeted centrally, the case must have been approved for regular roll action on or before 10/10/12, which is the October 2012 Group 09 entry cut-off date.

When a case includes more than one person and the information on BENDEX does not match the information in the Client Database (CDB) for all persons, central budgeting will occur for those persons in the case with matched information. FCRC staff are not to adjust the SSA and SSI amounts for cash or SNAP for persons with matched information, even in cases being redetermined.

NOTE: Although FCRC staff are not to adjust the SSA and SSI amounts for cash and SNAP when the income is centrally budgeted, the re-entry of the old (unadjusted) amount is required when the person is receiving SNAP on a medical assistance case. ACM is programmed to "back out" the increase for medical assistance. When completing a REDE on a category 91, 92, 93, 94, or 96 case, enter the "new" January amount for medical assistance and the "old" (unadjusted) December SSA amount for SNAP.

Example: Mr. A. receives medical assistance and SNAP benefits. He is due for a redetermination in December, and brings in his letter from the Social Security Administration saying in January his SSA will increase from $698 to $710. To budget for January in ACM, the worker enters Item 90 code 510 with the new amount of $710. Since central budgeting for SNAP has not yet occurred, the worker responds with N to "IS SAME AMOUNT BUDGETED FOR SNAP?" and enters the old amount of $698.00 on the SNAP screen. ACM "backs out" the increase for medical assistance, so the December SSA amount of $698.00 is correctly budgeted for January for both medical assistance and SNAP.

Timing of Central Budgeting Action for Cash and SNAP

Groups 05 through 09 - Budgeted effective February 2013 the night of February Group 01 entry cut-off (01/22/13).

Group 22 - SNAP budgeted effective March 2013 the night of February Group 01 entry cut-off (01/22/13).

Groups 01 through 04 - Budgeted effective March 2013 the night of March Group 01 entry cut-off (02/21/13).

Local Office Action

Local office staff are responsible for budgeting the actual amount of the January 2013 SSA and/or SSI income for:

  • persons excluded from central budgeting - the case has an exclusion code 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 9 in the REMARKS section of Form 552, or ACID Screen 2. (See WAG 22-14-03); and
  • all new cases put on the regular rolls after 10/10/12. SNAP added to a cash or medical case will be centrally budgeted if the categorical case was active as of 10/10/12.

The following are specific instructions for TANF, AABD Cash, RRA Cash, GA, and SNAP cases:

  1. At Intake, beginning with the fiscal month the increased SSA/SSI is received, use the increased SSA and/or SSI benefit to determine:
    • eligibility,
    • the IPE amount and the initial SNAP issuance, and
    • the first regular roll benefit amount or SNAP issuance.

      Use the SOLQ system to obtain SSA and SSI benefit information.

  2. Upon receipt of the monthly list of cases not budgeted centrally (Report #R5047365-01 SSA/SSI Not Centrally Budgeted) or (Mobius Report 50473651), take the following action:
    1. Determine the reason for the exclusion.
    2. Correctly budget SSA and SSI for the person(s) excluded from central budgeting:

      Decrease or terminate benefits for assistance units and/or SNAP units for the earliest possible month that follows the expiration of the 10-day timely notice period.

    3. Correct the problem causing the exclusion, when possible.

      NOTE: Report #R5047365-01 is sent about the middle of every month.

  3. If the FCRC cannot correct the problem causing the exclusion, complete and submit Discrepancy Referral (Form 1925) to the SSA Programs Control Unit. Attach the verification supporting the correct client information or benefit amount.

[signed copy on file]

Michelle R.B. Saddler

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

Forms referenced:

  • Form 552
  • Form 1925