• Those who have all their forms completed, have provided proper ID and have necessary copies will be admitted first.
  • Copies will not be made at the Test Site.
  • Seating is limited.
  • The following forms are required of all test participants - failure to complete these forms will hold up your opportunity to test.

Complete & Print

Remember to bring all of the following on test day:

  1. Invitation letter with test location and date - Required
  2. Completed CMS-100 Application - Required
  3. Completed Forms - Required
  4. Original Driver's License or State ID, and a copy - Both Required
  5. Copy of High School Diploma, GED or H.S./College Transcripts - Required
  6. Copy of Selective Service Registration, Males 18-26 - Required

More Information & Resources

Bureau of Recruitment and Selection
100 South Grand Avenue East, 1st Floor
Springfield, IL 62762
217-524-1548 or E-mail Technician Selection