October 2010

When SST receives a referral from DDD staff, they will need information about the referred person to develop the best recommendations, training, etc. The following list shows the kinds of things the SSTs will want to look at or receive when they arrive at the agency:

  • Face Sheet
  • Individual Service Plan, ITP, or IEP, as appropriate
  • Psychological evaluations, diagnosis, and progress notes
  • Psychiatric evaluation and progress notes
  • Other medical/therapy assessments and recommendation, e.g. SLP, PT, OT
  • Medication history and Medication Administration Record (MARS)
  • Medical, dental, vision, hearing evaluations
  • Physician Order Sheet (POS)
  • Psycho-social assessment
  • Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Behavior Intervention Plan
  • Existing behavioral data and graphs
  • Charts on adaptive skills, objectives, and data showing progress
  • Incident reports
  • Daily schedule of the individual
  • Doctor and therapist list
  • Seizure log, Lab results, Blood sugar levels, Bowel movement data, as


  • Agency Organization Chart
  • Agency contact information