What is it? 

Behavior Services include behavior intervention and treatment, behavior counseling (individual and group) and psychotherapy (individual and group).  These services must be:

  • Based on behavior assessments documenting the ongoing need for the service.
  • Included in the individualized service plan.
  • Must receive written approval from the Service Planning Team.

New Important Information

Provider enrollments are temporarily suspended until the implementation of the IMPACT system on August 3, 2015. If you have any questions, please email Janene.Vanbebber@illinois.gov.

How Do I Become A Provider? 

  1. Behavior Intervention Services - Level 1

    1. Board Certified Behavior Analyst
    2. Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  2. Behavior Intervention Services - Level 2

    1. Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst 
    2. Behavior Therapist
    3. Certified Relationship Development Interventionist
    4. Early Intervention Specialist  (children and young adults only)
  3. Counseling - Individual or Group

  4. Psychotherapy - Individual or Group

  5. Counseling Services for Unpaid Care Givers

Important Resources For Requirements