What is it?

Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) is a living arrangement for adults (age 18 and older) in a group home, family home or apartment where 8 or fewer unrelated adults with developmental disabilities live under supervision of the community developmental services agency.  Residents receive complete and individualized residential habilitation, personal support services and supports under the direction of a community support team within the local agency.  The registration form is found at the bottom of this page.

How do I Become A Provider?

  1. You must be licensed 

    1. You must FIRST attend a "New Provider Orientation" session, unless you are already licensed under another category or meet the exemption requirements
    2. AFTER Bureau of Accreditation, Licensure & Certification has received verification of your attendance at the "New Provider Orientation" session, or that you are already licensed, or that you meet the exemption requirements, you may then request the CILA Licensure Application.
    3. You may request CILA Licensure Application from:

      Illinois Department of Human Services
      Bureau of Accreditation, Licensure & Certification
      401 N. Fourth Street, 2nd Floor
      Springfield, IL 62702
      Phone: (217) 557-9289

    4. You must have staff with required qualifications and training.
  2. Once you are licensed, you will be required to work with your Independent Service Coordination Agency Agency (ISC).

  3. These agencies educate, refer, and link adults with developmental disabilities to services.

  4. You are required to obtain a National Provider Identification Number (NPI) for CILA services.

    Please see web site on National Provider Identification Number

  5. You must submit the following documents Encrypted, to Janene.VanBebber@illinois.gov or to this address:

    Important note:  new office address effective 8/15/16:

    Illinois Department of Human Services
    Division of Developmental Disabilities
    600 East Ash Street, Building 400, Mail Stop 3
    Springfield, IL 62703

    Attention:  Provider Enrollment

    Note:  Your IRS W-9 must be certified by the Illinois Office of the Comptroller before beginning your application in the IMPACT system.

  6. You must submit a provider enrollment application in the IMPACT system  to enroll as a DD Medicaid Waiver provider.

    Note:  Your provider enrollment type for the IMPACT system will be Facility, Agencies and Organizations (FAO).  Please see more information on the IMPACT system and a PowerPoint Presentation on FAO

  7. When you have individuals who have chosen you for services, you must submit the forms below Encrypted,  to Janene.VanBebber@illinois.gov or to the address provided above:

    Completion of the provider enrollment forms does not guarantee you will be approved for funding.

  8. You must submit Direct Support Person (DSP) and Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) training programs for approval to:

    Important note: new office address effective 8/15/16:

    Illinois Department of Human Services
    Division of Developmental Disabilities
    Bureau of Quality Management
    600 East Ash Street, Building 400, Mail Stop 2 North
    Springfield, IL  62703

    Attention:  DSP/QIDP Training Program 

    DSP program training approval process

    QIDP program training approval process

Registration Form

  1. Not available at this time.  Keep watching for the Fall 2017 Prospective New Provider Agency Orientation training.

Important Resources for Program Requirements