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Children's Waivers, Residential and In-Home Support

Currently Approved Children's Waivers

The Two Children's Waivers are due for renewal. They are posted below for public comment:

Waiver for Adults with DD

The State submitted an amendment to the Adult Waiver on 3-11-14.  The Adult Waiver amendment increases the total capacity for the waiver.  In addition, the adult waiver amendment includes:

  1. an increase in the maximum number of behavior therapy hours;
  2. the addition of a self-directed option for individuals to live in their own homes with intermittent support; and
  3. the addition of 24-hour stabilization services.

What is a Medicaid Waiver?

Section 1915(c) of the Federal Social Security Act allows a state to operate Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waivers within its Medicaid program if certain requirements are met. Please see Section III of the DDD Waiver Manual for descriptions of the covered waiver services. The federal waiver requirements include:

  • The State must submit a request and receive approval from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to operate a waiver. The approved waiver then becomes the intergovernmental agreement that, together with applicable federal Medicaid regulations, governs operation of the waiver.
  • The waiver must be a cost-effective alternative to placement in a Medicaid-funded institutional setting, such as an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (ICF/DD). In Illinois, federal ICFs/DD include both private facilities and state-operated developmental centers.
  • The State and CMS limit the total annual expenditures and the number of people served in each waiver.
  • The State must have a quality management strategy in place to ensure the protection of each waiver participant's rights, health, safety and welfare.

Note:  Approved capacity is based on State of Illinois appropriations.