2010 Wic Food List, Fruit & Vegetable Cash Value Vouchers (CVV) & Training Related Questions

  1. What are the two kinds of vouchers and how do they differ?
    1. Regular WIC Food Instruments (FI) where clients are allowed any listed food product in stock that matches the food description and
    2. Fruit and Vegetable Cash Value Vouchers (CVV) where clients cannot go over the maximum value. (This is the only time where the client may have to put back an item.)

      Note: The system edits are the same for both. Stores cannot submit actual amounts of sale greater than the maximum.  Clients are not allowed to pay the difference on any WIC transaction.

  2. What about WIC approved tags or other signage?
    Store option. These items are not covered by contract. The Food List applies to questions of a food's eligibility. The State's approval for a 'WIC approved' sign or tag is not required; nor must a store seek WIC approval for a store to have signs pointing out produce.
  3. Can a WIC approved store take Farmers Market Coupons?
    No. These yellow Farmers Market Coupons must be used at a Farmers Market location; different contract applies.

Food Item Questions by Group Category

Grains Group

  1. Bread
    Bread will read as "1 - 16 oz package Whole Wheat Bread". Whole Wheat Pita Bread is not allowable
  2. Other Grains
    Will read as "1 - 16 oz package Brown Rice or Soft Corn Tortillas or Oatmeal".
  3. Oatmeal - Source for 16 oz container
    1. The only Oatmeal allowed will be in one pound containers (old fashioned, traditional, or quick cook) with no added flavors.
    2. "Rolled Oats" is allowed.
    3. Quaker Instant Oatmeal is removed and is not allowed.
    4. Sources of product:
      1. Malto Meal Mom's Best Naturals(momsbestnaturals.com) carried by Wal-Mart and
      2. Wild Harvest 100% Whole Grain Rolled Oats supplied by SuperValu.
  4. Corn Tortilla. Types
    Yes. Only soft and whole grain; white or yellow is allowed.
  5. Cereals
    1. Only variety of Complete Bran Flakes allowed will be Wheat.
    2. Only Store Brand Shredded Wheat is allowed (plain or frosted).
    3. All varieties of Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats are not allowed.
    4. Cream of Wheat must be the new product that says "Whole Grain" on the package.

Milk Group

  1. Cheese
    No. Shredded cheese is not allowed. No individually wrapped cheese.

Meats & Beans Group

  1. Canned Fish

    Canned fish means only "Tuna and Salmon" in Illinois.

    Tuna or Salmon will list the ounces as in 6 - 5 oz cans. Participants may choose any combination of allowable product.

  2. Beans
    1. Will still be listed as 16 oz dry beans.
    2. Canned Beans allowed when listed on the WIC Food Instrument.

Fruits & Vegetables Group

  1. Baby Fruits and Vegetables: Definition of Plain
    1. Plain means just fruits or vegetables; nothing else.
    2. The container may have a mix of fruits (apple and bananas) (peas and carrots)

      Note: Gerber Apple/Strawberry/Banana three fruit mixture is allowed. No added sugar or flour/cereal turning it into a dessert or a dinner.
      No DHA and no organic.

  2. Bagged salad kits
    No. Bagged salad kits that include croutons, dressing and other non-vegetable items are not allowed.
  3. Baking soda in frozen spinach and ascorbic acid in frozen fruit
    Yes. It is allowed.
  4. Dry Chilies
    No. Counted as a spice.
  5. Dates?
    No. Dried fruits are not listed in Illinois. (Even if listed, most products would be excluded by addition of sugars or salts in the drying process.)
  6. Garlic?
    Yes. Bulbs of raw garlic are allowed.
    No. Ornamental strings of garlic are not allowed.
  7. Hominy?
    Yes. It is allowed.
  8. Juices?
    No. Pomegranate and cherry juice stocked in produce section are not included with name brands on juice list that are followed by (all flavors); not allowed.
  9. Mushrooms?
    Yes. Fresh or canned is allowed.
    No. Dried is not allowed.
  10. Potatoes?
    Yes. Only Sweet potatoes and yams are allowed.
    No. White potatoes are not allowed.
    No. Red potatoes and Russets are white potatoes and not allowed. Cut one with a knife if you must.
  11. Pumpkins?
    Yes. If for cooking/baking and food consumption, then is allowed.
    No. Ornamental gourds and PAINTED pumpkins are not allowed.
  12. Salad Bar Items: What is the definition?
    Anything sold from a ready to eat salad bar.
    No. Items are not allowed that come off the salad bar.
    Yes. The same fruits or vegetables may be eligible if picked up from another location.
  13. Tomato paste (canned)
    Yes. It is allowed. 
  14. Bamboo Shoots (canned,fresh)
    Yes. It is allowed.
  15. Water Chestnuts (canned)
    Yes. It is allowed.
  16. Bean Sprouts (canned,fresh.) Saw yesterday where Michigan disallows
    Yes. It is allowed.