1. Alzheimer's Disease Assessment for Adults with Intellectual Disability (AD/ID) - available for registration
  2. An Introduction to Positive Behavioral Support Video Conference (IPBS) - available for registration
  3. Creating an Abuse Free Environment - not currently offered
  4. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) - not currently offered
  5. Direct Support Person Course Coordinator (DSP) - available for registration
  6. Direct Support Person Classroom Trainee Modules
  7. Human Rights Committee Chairperson (HRC) - (Revised 3/16) available for registration
  8. Inventory For Client and Agency Planning Instructor Program (ICAP) New DSP Course Coordinator Training Events - is no longer being offered.  For support or technical assistance with the ICAP, email Dr. Pyo at: Geunyeong.Pyo@illinois.gov or call (217) 782-2989.
  9. Nurse-Trainer Medication Administration in the Community Training Program (MA) New DSP Course Coordinator Training Events - available for registration
  10. Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Rule 50 Training (Revised 12/15). NOTE:  this training replaces the OIG instructor-led classes and is now available. The explicit images definition was added.
  11. IDHS Computer-Based Learning (CBL) for OIG Rule 50
  12. Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional Course Coordinator (QIDP) - available for registration 
  13. Residential Director Core (RDC) - not currently offered
  14. Tardive Dyskinesia and Dyskinesia Identification System Condensed User Scale (DISCUS) (TD/DISCUS) - not currently offered
  15. Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE):