Now available:  myNetLearning Version 8 system to use for all training, registering for classes or computer-based learning modules and printing transcripts.  See detailed instructions below on how to use the myNetLearning system. 

For further information and assistance, please contact: at (217) 557-6261 or Sandra Bancroft at (217) 558-1511.

Using myNetLearning, you can:

  • Enroll in instructor-led classes and computer-based learning modules (CBLs)
  • Unenroll from classes and CBLs
  • See your upcoming class schedule
  • Get a transcript report of DDD classes you have completed
  • See the continuing education credits (CEs) associated with those classes.

You must pre-register for all training, and you must use the myLearning system.  See below how to get your myNetLearning login (formerly known as Student Interface Participant ID).

Request a myNetLearning Login ID

  1. Fill out the online registration form to Request a myNetLearning Login ID.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Sign In
  2. Enroll in a Class
  3. Enroll in a CBL
  4. Unenroll From a Class
  5. Transcript - List of Classes Taken
  6. View Certificate
  7. Print Preview
  8. Signing Out of myNetlearning
    1. To sign out:
  9. Contact Information for Assistance

How to Sign In

  1. URL for myNetLearning is
  2. Enter your Login in the login in box.
    • Non-DHS employees who have been assigned a myNetLearning Login ID (formerly Student Interface Participant ID), this login is the first 5 characters of last name, the first 2 characters of first name, then add "01" (or "02" or "03", etc., for duplicate names).  For example, a past enrollee named "John Deere" would have the following password ID: "DEEREJO01".  No password is needed.
    • DHS employees should use the 9-digit Employee ID number (without the dash) from their pay stub. If you do not have access to your 9-digit Employee ID number, You may access your pay stub at epass link:
  3. Click Log In.

NetLearning 8 signin screen

Enroll in a Class

  1. Click the  icon next to the class you want to take. Alternatively, you may enroll through the same steps by clicking the Information icon  (view course information).
  2. An Enrollment Details page will open in a new window, listing the details for the class including start date/ time, tuition, cancellation fees, and class description. For a class with multiple sessions, you will automatically be enrolled in the next available session.
  3. Click Enroll to confirm that you would like to Enroll. A prompt will appear, asking you to confirm that you would like to enroll.
  4. Click Enroll to confirm. 
  5. The class will now appear in your myClasses and myCourse/Classes. The class will be displayed with a start date and time of the upcoming available session of the class. To view additional sessions for the class, click the information icon in line with the class you have just enrolled.

enroll in class with plus sign

Enroll in a CBL

You can enroll and complete computer based courses from the myNetLearning dashboard using Enroll In CBL.

  1. Find the course listed in Enroll In CBL that you would like to take. Click the  icon located in the title bar to open the filters panel. Use the filters to narrow the selection displayed or to find a specific course.
  2. Click on either the green Enroll icon  or the Information icon  .
  3.  A course description screen opens in a new window.
  4. Once you have completed reviewing the course information, click Enroll at the bottom of the screen to enroll in the course.
  5. Upon clicking Enroll, you will be enrolled in the course and the course portal will open automatically in a new window.
  6. You can either launch the course at this time, by clicking the option on the left or return to the main myNetLearning dashboard by clicking return to my records.
  7. If you choose not to launch and complete the course at this time, you may re-open the course from the myCourses or myCourses/Classes.

enroll in cbl with plus sign

Unenroll From a Class

You may choose to drop classes to which you self-enrolled through the classes or courses available in your myNetLearning profile.

  1. Click the  icon next to the name of the class or course that you would like to drop.
  2. A new window will open displaying the class information.
  3. In the top portion of the form, note the Cancellation Days information listed in parentheses next to Tuition. The Cancellation days are the number of days before the class start date that a learner is able to drop the class without incurring the cancellation fees listed next to the number of cancellation days. For instance, if the class begins in 2 days, and the number of cancellation days listed is 3, the learner un-enrolling from the course will be responsible for paying cancellation fees for withdrawing within the 3 days from the start date of the class.
  4. To continue un-enrolling from the class, click the Un-enroll button, located below the class session information, to confirm that you would like to Un-enroll from the selected class.
  5. Click Un-enroll again on the following prompt. The class will be removed from your myClasses.
  6. Email your Supervisor.

My class window

Transcript - List of Classes Taken

The Reports tab allows you to view the Enrollments & Completions report and the Transcript report.

transcript screen

FROM Specify the starting date for the transcript report.
Through Specify the ending date for the transcript report.
Sort Report by  Choose how you want the transcript sorted.
Show on Report Select the types of information you want to show on the transcript.
TIP:  By default the most popular fields will have been selected for you. Hold the Ctrl key on your computer's keypad while selecting to select or de-select the fields listed

At the bottom of this form, you may select the Template and Format for the report output.

  • The Template drop down provides the option to choose a custom template that has been previously uploaded to your system. The default selection is the Learning Administrator Standard Report Template.
  • The Format drop down provides the option to change the file type of the report output. Select the format from this list that best fits the functionality and file type you would like for the generated report.

transcript run report

  • Click Run Report to produce a report according to the criteria selected.
  • Click Reset to reset the criteria to the default settings.
  • Click Close to exit the Transcript report set-up. The Enrollments & Completions Report
  • If you want to print the list, press Ctrl+P and your printer dialog box will appear. Click "Print" button.

View Certificate

You can earn a certificate by completing certain courses and classes. 

icon appears next to all completed courses and classes that have an associated certificate. Click this icon to view the certificate.

view certificate

Print Preview

print preview

Depending upon the application your organization provides for viewing PDF documents, the following option may be available in the preview screen.

Print Click the Print print icon icon to print the report.
Previous Click the Previous up arrow icon to navigate to the previous page.
Page Type the number of the page you want to view into the Page field and press Enter on your keyboard to navigate to that page.
Next Click the Next down arrow icon to navigate to the next page.
Zoom Click the Zoom zoom icon icon to change the magnification of the page.
Find Type a term into the search field find icon and click Enter to search for the term in the document.
Note:  Close this preview to return to the Certificates selection screen.

Signing Out of myNetlearning

Once you are finished using myNetLearning, sign out to protect your profile information and eLearning records. Clicking the the red red x upper right corner in the upper right corner will close Internet Explorer and will delete all information to include enrolled classes. 

To sign out:

  • Click the Sign Out button sign out icon  at the top of the myNetLearning screen.

If you do not sign out on your own, myNetLearning will automatically log you out after the browser has remained idle for a period of time.

Contact Information for Assistance

If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact

  • Sandra Bancroft at (217) 558-1511 or Bureau of Quality Management at (217) 782-9438.