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Partners for Hope: The Definition

Partners for Hope is a program under the Illinois Department of Human Services. It works to provide services to faith-based organizations in providing organizations with the right tools available through IDHS in assisting with community programs.

The Vision

Partners for Hope strives to connect faith based organizations throughout the state of Illinois to each other and provide services through their respective IDHS regional offices. In developing partnerships with community and faith-based institutions, the PFH Program has evolved into developing capacity among our faith-based partners to support families in their communities.

Our Motto

"Building Bridges Into Faith Communities"


Partners for Hope has a variety of resources provided to organizations wanting to be a part of this state-wide effort through IDHS:

  1. Provide presentations to Faith-Based Organizations
  2. Review RFP and provide technical assistance to faith-based groups. This would include program development and leadership workshops.
  3. Hold statewide and Regional faith-based DHS' Secretary/Governor's Award breakfast/luncheon and statewide and regional faith-based conferences.
  4. The Director of Partners For Hope Program serve as the Faith Community Liaison (FCL) for state of Illinois to the White house Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiative.

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