Effective Date:  07/01/08
Reference: 89 Ill. Adm. Code, Chapter IV, §50.420 (c)

Policy Statement:

A child care center not licensed by the State of Illinois must certify its program is exempt from licensure by submitting a License Exempt Day Care Center Self-Certification form.


This policy applies to all license exempt day care centers.


Child care facilities and programs must meet certain conditions in order to qualify as exempt from licensure as child care facilities under the Child Care Act of 1969.

If a parent submits an application or rede that indicates their child attends a license exempt day care center, verify the provider status in the CCTS. If the parent is using a new provider or the existing provider has not completed a License Exempt Child Care Center Self-Certification form (IL444-3461) take the following steps:

  1. For a new provider or an existing provider with an indicator of "N", send a Request for Additional Information (RAI) and Form IL444-3461. Form 3461 must be returned within 10 business days.
    1. Send a copy of the RAI to the parent.
    2. Enter the date the first request was sent to the provider.
  2. Do not approve the provider until the center's exemption is certified.
  3. If the provider does not respond to the first RAI, send a second RAI and Form 3461.
    1. Send a copy of the second RAI to the parent.
    2. Enter the date the second RAI was sent to the provider.
  4. If the provider does not submit Form 3461 after the second request,
    1. issue a denial to the parent and provider using reason code #11, and
    2. send the parent a change of provider form.
  5. Upon receipt of a completed Form 3461, update the CCTS indicator from "N" to a number 1-9 that corresponds with the exemption box marked.
    1. At the discretion of the Department of Human Services, the center may be asked to furnish a letter from the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) that verifies the center's exempt status.
    2. If the provider marks the 9th exemption, the facility must attach written verification from the local DCFS licensing office.